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The heart of Wellness-At-Home LLC Health Care Service Firm beats a team of caregivers driven by empathy and expertise. Each caregiver carries a tapestry of stories, skills, and compassion tailored to make your wellness journey an enriching experience. We introduce you to individuals who understand that care extends beyond physical assistance; it’s about forging connections and fostering trust. These caregivers are the pillars of support, the ones who stand by your side, and the embodiment of our commitment to enhancing lives. They bring their uniqueness, warmth, and dedication to every interaction, creating a haven of care within your home. Welcome to a world where caregivers are more than professionals; they are companions on your path to well-being.

Marjorie Pierre-Jerome: Owner and Director of Nursing — Registered Nurse
Ardly Pierre-Jerome: Owner and Administrator — Registered Nurse
Mardly Pierre-Jerome — Registered Nurse
Jodly Pierre Jerome — Executive Assistant

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